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A House far away in space,
lithography, print size, 28x40,
paper size36x48,

Thoughts about space and the origin of everything, about silence and nothingness, are a coexisting feelings that inspire.


House, lithography, paper size 21,5×28, print size 15,5×22, 2021

A book about the artist Janis Tidemanis came into my hands. While reading the book, I came across a photograph of the artist's wife Hanele's parents' house. I liked this house so much that I decided to visualize it in lithography. The house attracted me with it’s non-Nordic look. It is more like a cottage in the South, somewhere in Italy, Spain or Mexico. When I was studying my family tree, it occurs that my great-grandmother's brother Karlis Upitis was the second husband of Elvira Mituze (Hanele). Such great discoveries.